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Esther is a member of the Psychology National Honor Society and the American Psychological Association.  She has also served as president for Love in Action and Officer for the Psychology National Honor Society. 

Esther Scott's travels around the world as a military family and understanding of military culture, have given her a unique perspective and she is able to provide effective treatment solutions to complicated problems. 

Esther Scott on Telemundo discussing "The Changing Seasons in your Romantic Relationship".

About Esther Scott

Esther Scott is a Licensed Professional Counselor and Certified Life Coach with an emphasis on individual, family and professional development.  She has earned a double Bachelor of Arts in Psychology and Business Administration and a Master's in Mental Health.   

Esther Scott holds a deep passion for helping individuals find the best in themselves and others.   Her main coaching principle is, "We can do all things;" and as a Life Coach, she works with clients to help them discover and understand their goals and to determine the specific steps and POSITIVE ACTIONS they need to take in order to achieve success.   

For over 15 years she has been dedicated to helping others achieve personal growth; as Director for one of the oldest military support agencies, she has been an instrument of change. She has served individuals and families faced with some of life's challenges, such as emotional, financial, career, and relationship concerns.    

Esther is committed to being a "Holder of Hope." She recognizes the best in everyone and believes that every person has unique, God-given gifts and talents to share with the world.  Gifts that when discovered and well utilized, provide a more meaningful, productive, successful, well-balanced life. 

Specialty Areas

  • Marital and Premarital
  • Grief and Depression
  • Veterans, PTSD/Trauma
  • Work-Life Balance and Performance

At Positive Actions International we are focused on providing Coaching services with the highest levels of customer satisfaction, with the ultimate goal of helping you achieve the  balanced, successful life you dream of. 

Esther Scott has special expertise in boosting confidence and self esteem, improving communication,  management skills, and promoting positive relations with others.  Her competitive advantage lies on her action-oriented, step-by step approach to helping individuals reach their dreams of success.   


American Red Cross 2011 "Excellence in Customer Service Recognition" 

American Red Cross 2010 "Good Neighbor Award"