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  1. What is counseling and why should I hire a Counselor?

    Counseling at Positive Actions International focuses on the full spectrum of your life including emotional, spiritual, professional, financial, and relationship with self and others. The assistance of a professional Counselor can make a tremendous positive difference when you are reevaluating choices you have made in your life, struggling with the demands of life, wanting to improve your relationships with spouse, family, friends, and co-workers, or simply making a career transition. Seeing a Counselor could be one of the best investments you make in your life!  People who seek out the assistance of a Professional Counselor are motivated to take positive actions to make a change in their personal and/or professional life. If you envision a life of success, love and happiness, but you feel that life is just passing you by, Positive Actions Counseling services can give you the boost you need to create that life and bring it from a dream into reality.

  2. Why and how does Counseling work?

    Counseling at Positive Actions International is an interactive process that can help you discover the roadblocks that are preventing you from reaching the life you envision.  It helps you identify and set goals, manage your time and avoid procrastination, improve specific skills or learn new ones.   The counseling process is grounded in overall personal growth and enrichment in all aspects of life. It motivates you to take positive actions to attain a more meaningful, well-balanced life.

    Counseling focuses on discovering obstacles and challenges that prevent you from reaching your goals.  Once these barriers are brought to light, the establishment of clear goals and a step-by step action plan is created to help you achieve and maintain the life you envision.   

  3. What about confidentiality?

    Positive Actions International keeps all client's information confidential.  Positive Actions International does not disclose confidential information without client's explicit consent unless the client or others are in immediate danger to health or life.  Any such disclosure must be consistent with laws that pertain to the welfare of the client, family, and the general public.

  4. What should I expect?

    You will be guided through a set of questions that will enable you to develop a clear vision of the great possibilities that lay ahead and to take the positive actions necessary to reach your goals. Once you have identify your options, we will explore worse-case-scenario and roadblocks in order to be prepare to overcome them.  Positive Actions International focuses on a solution-oriented approach and we use your past only as a stepping stone for what you can do today.    My education in Clinical Counseling and business director experience have provided me with valuable action-oriented skills.  I share with my clients these same skills so that they will have the know-how and take the positive actions to make a successful change.  Generally clients already have what they need to be successful, They just need to discover it. 

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