Counseling and Consulting Services 

Positive Actions International

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  Our Services

  Positive actions can turn a dream into a reality...Take action, remove roadblocks from your path.   

Individual Counseling 

Solution-Focused Counseling is about identifying and discovering the obstacles and challenges in your life and developing a step-by-step action plan that will lead you to achieve and maintain the life you envision.  At Positive Actions International we focus on the full spectrum of your life including, emotional, spiritual, professional, financial and relationship with self and others. 

Family Counseling

Focuses on providing couples with training and support for the most important role they will ever have, with the ultimate goal of promoting positive relationships and a well-balanced family life.  The focus is on solutions and encouragement for taking POSITIVE ACTIONS to solve problems, and bring a sense of security and structure to your home. 

Leadership Coaching

"We can do all things" is the concept Positive Actions International uses to help its clients remove roadblocks and create an action-plan.  As military spouse and experienced business leader, Esther Scott assists clients to realize their professional goals, learn effective management skills and establish a personal leadership style.  


All counseling services include: 
  • Complimentary 30 minute consultation
  • Tailor scheduled of 50 minutes each session
  • Long term POSITIVE ACTIONS aftercare plan


$ 150 initial intake and assessment.

$ 135 per session, all following sessions.